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Frequently Asked Questions

Specifics of private investigations

We can assist you with civil matters when government agencies simply won’t.

How quickly can you start an investigation?

Usually a 24-hour notice is adequate. It is often possible to start a case immediately. We first need to gather all of the facts and complete necessary forms in order to begin the investigation.

Is Surveillance information admissible in court?

Yes. The information obtained by our licensed investigators will be courtroom quality evidence of all pertinent activities. Our investigators can also provide expert witness testimony.

What information is required to start a surveillance assignment?

Please provide us with a physical description as well as any photos of the Subject. We will also need addresses, vehicle information, time and place to start, plus the basis for surveillance. Our trained, licensed investigators will obtain courtroom quality evidence of all pertinent activities and back it up with experience and credibility.

How many investigators are used on a domestic surveillance case?

The number of investigators depends upon a number of factors. Basic surveillance on an individual being followed from home or an uncomplicated work situation can be conducted by one investigator. More complicated scenarios, such as following someone from a high rise office building, airport, or hotel requires an additional investigator. Other factors in which we may recommend a second investigator include fast and aggressive drivers and extra alert drivers who always watch the rear view mirror. An additional investigator increases the cost of surveillance and this factor is also taken into consideration in arriving at your budget. For a proper frame of reference, consider the fact that no law enforcement agency would ever conduct surveillance with less than two cars and few do that. The more investigators, the less likely the chance of detection.

Is my information kept secret?

Yes, Oklahoma state law requires private investigators to maintain confidentiality of all investigations. This also applies to those individuals who decide not to proceed with an investigation.

Can I get a free price quote?

Yes, call us at 918-895-2530 and we can set up a free confidential no obligation consultation.

How is the surveillance plan established?

Planning is often more important than execution. The better job we do of designing the surveillance, the more likely it is to be more productive and the more cost effective it will be. Because you know more about your spouse's behavior than we ever will, we rely on you to assist us in developing the correct time and place to watch them. We need you to determine when they are most likely to be engaged in this behavior and where we should start surveillance. All these questions and more go into creating an effective surveillance strategy.

Is it legal to follow or conduct surveillance upon another person?

It is legal to conduct surveillance upon a person for legitimate purposes. You must hire a licensed investigator to carry out assignments. It is illegal in all states to record the voice without at least one person's consent. Some states require all parties to consent to an audio recording.

Do you testify in court?

Yes. We can also provide expert witness testimony.

I have already contacted the police, can I still use a private investigator?

Yes, regardless of if the police are looking into a case or not you can retain the services of a private investigator. In a lot of cases the private investigators will work in conjunction with the police and conduct their own detailed investigations. Private investigators have the advantage of working on one case at a time and can apply the focus and dedication needed to effectively solve cases that the police may not have the time or resources necessary.

I met someone online, can you run a background check on them?

Yes. Save yourself potential pain and financial ruin and let us assist you in finding out the truth.